Mealasbhal, Breanish


Welcome to the new website for the crofting community of Breanish, in the beautiful wild region of Uig on the far south-western coast of the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.

Breanish sits at the foot of Mealasbhal (shown right), Lewis’ highest mountain. From the coast we can see a range of islands including St Kilda (on a good day), the Flannans, Scarp, and the Monachs.

Although it was once one of the most populated townships in Uig, like almost all such remote crofting communities Breanish suffered a decline in population and crofting activity from the 1980s onwards. However, the past two to three years have seen Breanish once again begin to transform itself into an flourishing, active and highly motivated crofting community (see our Crofting page).

It isn’t just in its beauty and its crofting ethic that Breanish excels: Breanish Tweed (which currently is located in Ness) was founded here by Ian Sutherland in 1982, and croft 26 is now the headquarters of EarthLines Magazine.

For Breanish property for sale, please visit this page.